Outsourcing Switzerland | Positionerung


All companies have to focus not only on the core business, but also on cost savings.

Production in your own company entails large investments, in order to stay competitiv with the latest state of technology, much higher staff requirements.
Coordination of different service providers also requires enormous personnel and organizational effort, that make thoroughly calculated projects more expensive and time-consuming than planned.

In order to reduce risks and cut costs, without compromising quality, we offer innovative solutions. We advise you where to cut costs by outsourcing your production to Serbia while maintaining Swiss quality. Not only do we assume outsourcing of your production, but at the same time we support you with project management, planning, procurement, assembling, quality assurance and logistics. This way, you can leave all the responsibilities to us, without having to coordinate various service providers. We also assume coordination of all interfaces, preventing conflicts that affect cost calculations. Thanks to established processes and reliable partner networking, all production is conducted smoothly, without any problems.

In order to offer price stability for the future, we support your cost-cutting without having to restructure the personnel management or lower quality of your work.