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There are numerous reasons for working with MOSER-SQTS:

1. Everything from single source - service
Not only do we assume outsourcing of your production, but at the same time we support you with project management, planning, procurement, assembling, quality assurance and logistics. That way, you can leave all responsibilities to us, without having to coordination various service providers and all interfaces. That way, any interface conflicts that could affect cost calculations are prevented. Thanks to established processes and reliable partner networking, all production stages are conducted smoothly.

2. The necessary Know-How
We have long experience in, outsourcing, including Mechatronics production itself. We expertly assess offers, efficiency and quality of Serbian production facility. This expertise doesn’t only reduce risks, but benefits our customers in terms of a more efficient and lower cost production.

3. Deep understanding of Serbian and Swiss marketplace
With a Serbian-Swiss dual citizen on the board, knowing Serbian as well as Swiss culture, we are very familiar with Serbian production conditions, as well as with high Swiss quality demands. That means that we know exactly what you need as a company, when we negotiate with Serbian producers, so your needs can be optimally met.

4. High quality standards
We work with reliable, diligent production facilities and suppliers, placing emphasis on regular quality and security reviews. In addition, we have Swiss engineers on-the-spot in Serbia, which enables regular reviews of your production, so we can guarantee high quality results in the long run.

5. European production site
By choosing Serbia you have a production site which is reliable and cost-efficient, alternative to already established outsourcing nations such as India and China. We offer you good infrastructural links, easy coordination through same time zones and similar work culture, a big pool of reliable producers on one side, low prices similar to those from Asian on the other. All of this without long waiting time, communication difficulties and loss in quality.

6. Just-in-time-production
Unlike China, where delivery waiting time of 6 weeks is absolutely normal, our production processes are delivery just-in-time-productions, which is very economical. With this short process time and low capital commitment, processes as a whole, are reduced.

7. Service, that goes beyond delivery
We have professional Supply-Chain-Management that supports you with long experience in product development to final production. We are also there for you after delivery, to help and advise you on any type of questions, at any time, on-the-spot.

8. Product results that meet your requirements
We advise you on structuring of individual service packages and adjust them optimally to your requirements, so that final products exactly match your requirements.